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Campus Advocate

RESULTS Canada (RC) is a non-profit national grassroots advocacy organization. For more than 30 years, we have worked to create the political will to end global poverty and demonstrate that individuals can make a difference when they employ their political power. A central element of our work is educating citizens and decision-makers about key problems and solutions associated with extreme poverty. To learn more watch our video here [http://www.results-resultats.ca/en/get-involved/].

Are you a post-secondary student looking for meaningful extra-curricular experience, and leadership opportunity?
Are you passionate about international development and sustainable solutions to end global poverty?
Do you want to be a part of an international community of advocates?
Would you like to learn and practice powerful communication skills and techniques in order to influence decision-makers?
Are you a change maker who wants to take actions having impact in the lives of millions of people?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then this opportunity could be the right fit for you! Central to RESULTS Canada’s mission are its citizen advocates, passionate people who convene to take action on and create change around the world’s most pressing issues. For the upcoming school year we are looking for enthusiastic leaders who want to take on the challenge of being an ambassador for RESULTS. Included below are some of the volunteer roles we are looking to fill. Please take a look to see which seems like the best fit for you.

Group Leader and Co-Leader will:
• Take advocacy actions on a RESULTS campaign. (Training provided)
• Inspire and lead a group of student volunteers to collectively learn and take actions on solutions to end extreme poverty. (Material and support provided)
• Mobilize the group to engage their wider community about issues and solutions to end extreme poverty and about the power of citizen’s voices.
• Support and coordinate the roles of the members in the team, and liaise with the RESULTS National Office and Community.

Outreach Ambassador will:
• Take advocacy actions on a RESULTS campaign. (Training provided)
• Reach out to students, teachers and community members to expand the reach of your RESULTS Canada group.
• Develop an outreach strategy to engage more people in taking advocacy actions on a RESULTS campaigns.

Logistics Ambassador will:
• Take advocacy actions on a RESULTS campaign. (Training provided)
• Coordinate bookings of rooms, meetings, tables and banner space.
• Manage database of contacts.

Internal Relations Ambassador will:
• Take advocacy actions on a RESULTS campaign. (Training provided)
• Liaise with club administration, other Club’s executives and, with the leader/co-leader, with RESULTS National Office and Community.
• Liaise and partner with other clubs in order to get more people involved in our campaigns against extreme poverty.

Promotions Ambassador will:
• Take advocacy actions on a RESULTS campaign. (Training provided)
• Manage the chapter’s social media presence.
• With the support of the National Office, create promotional materials to use on campus.
• Liaise with student and community media outlets, such as radio and newspapers.

As a RESULTS Canada advocate, you will have the chance to apply to participate in the group leader retreat and the RESULTS National conference happening. These two events are happening in Ottawa in 2018 and will offer valuable leadership training, networking and advocacy experiences. We will be providing a certain amount of bursaries to attend these events. In addition, there are always opportunities to apply for funding for events such as the annual International Conference in Washington were volunteers use their advocacy skills in a meeting with the World Bank, as an example.

To apply please fill out this form (https://resultscda.typeform.com/to/uiWWCh). If you have any questions you can send a message to Michele Bruneau at michele@results-resultats.ca

Experiences Canada 150 & Me

Experiences Canada 150&Me is a unique multi-destination youth event and series of regional forums for young people between the ages of 14 and 19, to be held across Canada over a three-month period culminating in Ottawa the week before Canada Day. 150&Me will involve thousands of young Canadians in a conversation about Canada’s future, encouraging young people to take a leadership role in celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday. The topics covered at each forum will vary from place to place, allowing for a more in-depth discussion of the key themes as identified by our youth. These themes may include: Environment; Human Rights; Relationship with Indigenous Communities; Canada’s Place in the World; Immigration, Diversity and Canadian Identity; Education and Innovation. A leadership group of 150 students representing all of the regional forums will travel to Ottawa from June 27-July 2, 2017 to present their findings to government, business, and community leaders and to participate as volunteers throughout the week in Canada’s 150th celebrations. 150&Me is proud to be a Canada 150 Signature Initiative.


Challenge Rules:
Answer the question:
“What is the greatest opportunity or challenge facing Canada for your generation?”

Video: Your video can be a short film or performance art of any kind. Group consent must be given from members of video where applicable. Your video can be a maximum length of 2-3 minutes. Submit as MP4/MPG/AVI/WMV.
Image: Your image can be a photo, a painting or a diagram. Digital submissions must be a minimum of 1MB and a maximum of 1GB in size. Submit as JPG/GIF/PNG.
Graphic Novel: Your graphic novel can be a maximum length of 5 pages. Submit as PDF.
Sculpture or Visual Art: Your sculpture or visual art piece can be submitted as a photo or a video along with a 500-word description of the piece.
Written Text: Your essay can be between 750-1000 words. Your poem/song can be a maximum of 32 lines. Submit as PDF.

All written submissions must include a Works Cited page that lists any research or information from other sources. The summative assessment must be completed individually in order to be eligible for the 150&Me project.

*Each submission must be accompanied by a 500-word descriptive statement. All submissions must have all copyrights and permissions confirmed. Plagiarism of any kind will result in immediate disqualification. No copyrighted materials (music, images, etc.) may be used in your submission unless you own the copyright or have a license to use the material for this challenge. The content of your submission must not promote illegal behaviour. It must not support invidious prejudice of any kind, including racial, religious, sexual or other. The content of your submission must not invade the privacy of any person or be otherwise inappropriate as determined by Experiences Canada.

For questions about Experiences Canada 150&Me challenge guidelines and criteria please contact: 150&me@experiencescanada.ca