VIDO-InterVac public meeting

The Community Liaison Committee for VIDO-InterVac invites you to a public meeting Tuesday October 14 at McNally Robinson Bookstore at 7 pm.

InterVac is a bio-containment Level 3 (CL3) facility where scientists study certain diseases and develop and test vaccines. The term CL3 describes the type of safety measures and equipment needed within the facility to ensure the safety of workers and the community.

The Community Liaison Committee is a diverse group of citizens including experts in emergency measures as well as citizens at large. The CLC is an independent committee established by the University of Saskatchewan to ensure communication on safety issues related to InterVac is open and transparent. The CLC continuously seeks information on activities of community concern, as well as monitors issues related to safety and any incidents of potential public interest. This is especially timely as operations have recently begun.

Dr. Andrew Potter, director, and several senior scientists will be available to answer questions.