Meeting: Rezoning at Main & Cumberland

The proposed rezoning at Main and Cumberland by Black Rock Developments is certainly of interest to many individuals in the neighbourhood. Main Street has gone through tremendous changes in the past two years, and in some ways is the shiniest and most modern block in Varsity View. This change is interesting and challenging at the same time.

The Varsity View LAP completed in 2014 (summary report here at the CoS website or full here. ) promotes balanced growth that must yield a net benefit to the the community. This is a high standard but encourages a balance between new interests and old ones. VVCA has also been active to promote sensible infill guidelines to help shape the changes of individual units on streets just like this.

As interested citizens, I would like to invite each of you to join us Monday, October 5th at 7 pm to 8:30 pm in the Brunskill library to discuss these proposed zoning changes, identify what we like and do not like about the proposed development and explore what our viewpoints are and any common ground we share. I would like us as a neighbourhood to further talk through what development looks like as this will undoubtedly be a theme of the coming decades due to our highly desirable location and aging housing stock.

Please share my invite with other interested or civically minded folks. If you are unable to join us that night, I will be happy to share your comments (with your permission) to the attendees.

– James Perkins, VVCA President