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December 2023 board meeting

Overview of discussions at the December 20 2023 VVCA board meeting:

– tree planting proposal along 14th Street has been submitted to the City. The City is working on a new Community Planting guideline that will properly assess the proposed project, hopefully in early 2024. Some links to possible grant options were provided that may offset some, or all, costs. Watering trees may be an issue.
– discussion about evergreens in President Murray Park. Any City actions forthcoming for dying trees?
– planning retreat to be discussed next meeting.
– letter of support for Bridge City Hens pilot project approved to send to City. Require rigorous evaluation of project.
– City: 14th Street designated a ‘Neighbourhood Bikeway’. Speed reduction for car traffic. Implementation in spring.
– City: first step to eliminating parking minimums in Saskatoon. Still opportunities for engagement and reports before it becomes a bylaw.
– request from community member about ski trail signage in Grosvenor Park – can it be permanent? Jon to inquire with City.
– Discussion regarding proposed changes to zoning and parking. Any EV plugin requirements? Will developers rely on street parking? Parking changes possibly tied to federal Housing Accelerator Fund. Zoning map and CBC News article shared. There are benefits to greater density and walkable spaces.
– program registration night is January 9 and 11, 2024, 7-8:30PM at Brunskill School.
– basketball gym times booked. 12 teams for Nutana, Buena Vista and Varsity View.
– new soccer coordinator. Thank you Ian!
– rink boards fixed to allow for expansion. Ad board replaced. One more to be replaced in spring. Rink has been flooded and new lighter, more flexible hoses have been purchased. Thank you to the rink crew!
– newsletter printed (and delivered). Next newsletter out in March to provide notice of April AGM.
– Albert Community Centre’s booking manager has retired. New staffing not yet finalized.
– Ward 6 meeting of community associations in January. Some VV volunteers to attend.
– next meeting Wednesday, January 17, 2024.

Public Meeting: Rezoning for High-rise


Date:Thursday, September 13, 2018
Start time: 7:00 PM
Location: Brunskill School – 101 Wiggins Avenue (Small Gymnasium)
Re: 1006 College Drive & 421 Clarence Avenue North Proposed Official Community Plan Amendment and Rezoning
Applicant: North Prairie Developments

The City of Saskatoon has received applications from North Prairie Developments to amend the Official Community Plan and rezone 1006 College Drive and 421 Clarence Avenue North in the Varsity View neighbourhood (the vacant property adjacent to the intersection of College Drive and Clarence Avenue North).

The purpose of these applications is to facilitate the development of a multiple-unit residential building at this location consisting of:
– 12 floors above grade with approximately 170 residential units; and
– 4 parking levels below grade with approximately 230 parking spaces.

These applications require approval from City Council.

The purpose of this meeting is to provide neighbouring residents the opportunity to learn details of the applicant’s proposal and the rezoning process, and to gather public input on this matter.

Representatives of the City of Saskatoon and North Prairie Developments will each make a presentation, followed by a question and answer session.

Corner Lot Development meeting

Proposed Regulations for 4-unit Multiple Unit Dwellings on Corner Sites
The amendments for 4-Unit multiple unit dwellings on corner sites will be considered by City Council in 2016.

Discussion of proposal to allow rezoning of corner lots for four unit dwellings
Albert Community Center Auditorium, 7 PM

City website

The Neighbourhood Level Infill Development Strategy recommends development of garden and garage suites. The Strategy is one component of a Comprehensive Plan for infill development within built up areas of the city. The Infill Strategy addresses small scale infill opportunities on individual residential lots, with a scope directed to an assessment of established neighbourhoods within Saskatoon, defined as neighbourhoods located inside Circle Drive, as well as Sutherland and Montgomery.

The Infill Strategy ensures the distinctive development patterns and historic characteristics of pre-war and post-war neighbourhoods are maintained. It proposes regulatory amendments that will help to minimize massing of new developments, regulate infill lot grading, address parking concerns, and protect the streetscape.

Meeting: Rezoning at Main & Cumberland

The proposed rezoning at Main and Cumberland by Black Rock Developments is certainly of interest to many individuals in the neighbourhood. Main Street has gone through tremendous changes in the past two years, and in some ways is the shiniest and most modern block in Varsity View. This change is interesting and challenging at the same time.

The Varsity View LAP completed in 2014 (summary report here at the CoS website or full here. ) promotes balanced growth that must yield a net benefit to the the community. This is a high standard but encourages a balance between new interests and old ones. VVCA has also been active to promote sensible infill guidelines to help shape the changes of individual units on streets just like this.

As interested citizens, I would like to invite each of you to join us Monday, October 5th at 7 pm to 8:30 pm in the Brunskill library to discuss these proposed zoning changes, identify what we like and do not like about the proposed development and explore what our viewpoints are and any common ground we share. I would like us as a neighbourhood to further talk through what development looks like as this will undoubtedly be a theme of the coming decades due to our highly desirable location and aging housing stock.

Please share my invite with other interested or civically minded folks. If you are unable to join us that night, I will be happy to share your comments (with your permission) to the attendees.

– James Perkins, VVCA President