Annual General Meeting 2023

The VVCA AGM was held Wednesday, April 19, and we are happy to welcome some new (and old) members to our board and to recognize and thank some others.

President: Jon Naylor
Treasurer: Ted Stensrud
Indoor Coordinator: Barb Giles and Tammy Harkema (basketball)
Albert Community Centre: Lisa Kirkham
Rink Coordinators: Fredy McDougall, Mahdi Toliat, Luke Rempel
Social Coordinator: Diane McDougall
Members at Large: Mary Ann Rubin, Allan Woo, Douglas Tompson, Matthew Wiens

NOTE we are still in need of a newsletter editor!

– Thank you to Barb for her 30+ years of service as VVCA’s Indoor Coordinator! And, still going strong.
– Thank you to Kevin, our City of Saskatoon Community Liaison, who will be representing a different area of the City. We will miss his assistance and input.
– Thank you to Luke and Angela for organizing and leading the Brunskill rink fundraising! Amazing work for such a well-used and appreciated community asset.