April board meeting

Summary of discussion of the April board meeting that followed the AGM on April 19, 2023.

– Councillor Cynthia Block provided information about the College Corridor plan and the Downtown Arena District: Corridor plan centred around bus rapid transit (BRT) on College; increase density on College, Preston, maybe some places on Wiggins and Cumberland; how to increase density but still be respectful to neighbourhood character; medium density of 3-6 stories along corridors; City engagement sessions to continue this year; try to prioritize pedestrian and bicycle over traffic; 14th Street bikeway needs to be connected to other routes to be successful.
– financial books reviewed for AGM, in good shape. Finances have rebounded since pandemic.
– spring programs up and running, except for Art for Children. Some Spanish classes may need to be partially on zoom.
– Basketball is all done for season.
– Kinder soccer has 10 registrants so far and 3 teams have been formed
– Basketball equipment has been stored and soccer is getting ready. May need to purchase more soccer equipment.
– Rink is wrapped up for the season.
– Luke to talk to VVCA about removing snow from rink and perhaps grooming ski trails before next season.
– Newsletter editor has stepped down. Need a new editor!
– Albert Community Centre has a building walk-thru to assess where renovations are needed. Room on board for a few more people. Would like ACC to have online booking presence.
– Community garden will have their first meeting next week.
– SUM Theatre is performing Thursday May 18 in Grosvenor Park. VVCA would like to organize a hamburger BBQ before the show. Volunteers needed.
– Community cleanup is Saturday May 13, 8:30AM – 1PM, Church of Latter Day Saints parking lot, 10th and Cumberland. Volunteers and trucks needed.
– Next meeting: Wednesday, May 17, 2023, 7PM, Brunskill School library.