February 2024 board meeting

Overview of discussions at Thursday February 29, 2024 VVCA board meeting:
– City Nature Challenge April 26-29 presentation. Take photos of nature and wildlife, possibly win prizes, plus info is useful to the City and Meewasin.
– City Urban Forestry presentation by Cate Francis about plans for President Murray Park. City no longer does irrigation and heat and drought are taking toll on spruce. Park not scheduled for upgrade within 10 years. Asked about budget for irrigating so VVCA could consider this as a project.
– General discussion about tree proposal on 14th Street. City is in early planning stages for water retention pond at 14th and Cumberland, which may effect planting. Major issue is obtaining volunteers to water new trees for 1-3 years. VVCA to firm up budget for next meeting.
– City approved for federal Housing Accelerator Fund, which means increase of density in VV. (board tried to attend City online presentation at beginning of meeting, but it was not working well for the group. A video of the recorded presentation should be posted to City site soon (https://www.saskatoon.ca/engage/corridor-land-use-and-rezoning).
– Ski trails groomed (but likely covered over since weekend snowfall)
– Grosvenor Park area looking at expansion of RPP. RPP program is being discontinued?
– newsletter articles and materials to be submitted asap. 15-50 day notice of AGM required.
– no facilitator yet for planning retreat.
– Community Liaison noted City has items for special events (tents, tables, etc). Deadlines for grant applications. Not too early to start planning 40th Anniversary in 2025.
– City / Sask Water attending March meeting to discuss stormwater retention/dry ponds. Two ponds planned in community.
– Finances good. Payments to instructors coming up. E-transfers need to identify the program participant. Would like to pay instructors by e-transfer, policy to be presented at next meeting.
– spring program registration March 14 and 19 in Brunskill School foyer. Cap on badminton registrants. Learn to Skate adult version did not happen – people didn’t show up. Soccer registration open online until March 11. Gift cards for rink crew!
– community clean up date will soon be established.
– some damaged advertising boards in rink. Check with supplier if there are more durable boards. Renewals for sponsorships soon.
– Albert Community Centre booking manager job description being finalized and then will be posted.
– spring programs posted on website and social. City Housing Accelerator Fund info posted on social and website.
– next meeting Wednesday March 20, 2024.