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Winter 2018 Leisure Guide

Winter 2018 Leisure eGuide … is yours missing?

The Winter Leisure Guides have been delivered to each household in Saskatoon. What happens if you (or a resident in your community) did not receive one?

First, do you have a “No Flyers” sign on your door, or perhaps you called the Star Phoenix and asked them not to deliver flyers? If so, you will not get the Leisure Guide. The StarPhoenix delivers the Leisure Guide and the Leisure Guides are considered the same category as flyers. However, hard copies of the Leisure Guide are available at all Leisure Centres, Public Library locations and City Hall, and you can access an electronic copy on saskatoon.ca/leisureguide.

If you don’t have a “no flyer” sign and have not previously asked to not receive flyers, then please call the StarPhoenix (306-657-6320). It may be that your neighbourhood is missing a delivery person for a particular route, or perhaps the last person who lived in your house asked to not receive flyers (and therefore your address was put on the “no flyer” list). The StarPhoenix will arrange for a Leisure Guide to be delivered to you.

Also, if your address was not on the “no flyer” list – and your Leisure Guide simply did not get delivered – please call the City’s Marketing & Communications Team (306-975- 2882) and give them your address. Marketing & Communications produces the Leisure Guide, and would like to follow up on any issues where residents do not receive a copy.