May board meeting

Summary of discussions at May’s VVCA board meeting, held on Wednesday, May 17, 2023.

– Community cleanup on May 13 went well. Approximately 2.75 bins of garbage picked up, and we had 12 participants and a couple of trucks volunteer. Final report yet to come from City. Saskatoon Coop Home Centre provided work gloves and garbage bags – thank you! Photos to come.
– Programs are in good shape. Deadline for school bookings for fall programs not known yet.
– New principal at Brunskill next year, Shalene Herron.
– Lockbox to be installed for rink use.
– May have a possible new newsletter editor. To be confirmed.
– Our Lady of Lourdes church (12th & Wiggins) is scheduled to have massive garage sale August 10-12. Community members are encouraged to have garage sales during same weekend to increase overall traffic.
– Upcoming Curbside Swap coming up on June 3. One scheduled in the fall for September 9.
– Community BBQ planned for May 18, preceding the SUM Theatre show in Grosvenor Park. SUM Theatre flyers delivered by volunteers.
– James Cook from the University will be in attendance at next meeting to discuss College Quarter.
– Upcoming discussion session on the future of the U of S Stone Barn, Wednesday, May 24.
– Next meeting Wednesday, June 21, 2023, in the Brunskill rink. Bring a lawn chair.