U of S Stone Barn discussions

Constructed between 1911 and 1912, the University of Saskatchewan Stone Barn is a landmark building that serves as symbol of the ambition the people of Saskatchewan had for its University. Prominently located on College Drive, the Stone Barn has fallen into disrepair and the future of this important heritage structure is uncertain.

The University is seeking a renewed, realistic and informed path forward for this iconic structure. To that end, they are hosting a Community Visioning Event on Wednesday, May 24th from 4:30-6:30pm at the Holiday Inn Express (College Drive) to hear from the community on their ideas on the barn’s future re-use possibilities.

They will also be sharing a survey via their website: https://leadership.usask.ca/…/stone-barn-heritage.php…

Please consider attending, submitting your ideas, and sharing the event details with anyone you think would be interested!