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Pelican Watch 2020

From Meewasin:

With the warming temperatures outside, we can’t help but have spring on the mind! It is always a bittersweet time of year at Meewasin, since it means the closing of the Meewasin rink for the season; but also means the launch of our Spring programs – including Pelican Watch!

Saskatoon residents have special visitors each summer. April through October, pelicans gather by the weir to fish. These birds, once on the endangered species list, have been a beautiful sight on the South Saskatchewan River since the late 1970s. For Saskatoon residents, their arrival is a harbinger of spring.

The contest
Guess the arrival of the first pelican to land at the weir for a chance to win a $500 prize pack, with a special pizza party for the youth winner’s whole class!

Follow along on our Facebook event page for fun facts about pelicans all month, and feel free to share the page on any of your social media pages!

While you’re at it, why not enter now!

Good luck and happy (almost) spring!